How we give

How we give

With every Gracebag® sold a bag of grace is given to a new mom and her baby.

Why we give

According to the World Health Organization approximately 303,000 women die annually due to preventable complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Of these maternal deaths approximately 200,000 occur in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our hope is that the “bag of grace” will act as a health access initiative, contributing towards one of the World Health Organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals to reduce the region’s maternal mortality ratio.

What we give (phase 1)

  • A durable canvas bag
  • WHO compliant impregnated mosquito net
  • Baby grow
  • Blanket
  • Women sanitary ware (washable re-usable sanitary pad)

How we give (phase 1)

During phase one we partnered with established NGOs to pivot their reach, rather than to reinvent the wheel. Our NGO partner is handing out the “bags of grace” at the local clinics as they have the relationship with mothers in the villages.


  • An estimated annual number of births for each area is known (broken down monthly),
  • We send the required number of bags to our NGO partners each month, and receive a recon list from them at the end of each month
  • The purpose of the items is to provide an incentive for mothers to visit the healthcare facilities during pregnancy, and to give birth at local clinics to reduce preventable complications.

Current manufacturing

  • The “bag of grace” is manufactured in South Africa by local mothers.
  • Women sanitary ware are manufactured in South Africa by local moms
  • Baby grows and blankets are currently procured locally
  • Mosquito nets are manufactured in Namibia

Beyond a “bag of grace”

In the future we hope to sustainably support these local communities by empowering woman to manufacture the giving items, and to add to the bag by using what is locally available.

Through working closely with our medical advisors, we hope to donate essential equipment to the local clinics to assist medical staff.

The Gracebag journey